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In AgeLab we believe the Medical Accountability and the Unique Experience our patient live when reaching us are of outmost importance and make a substantial difference in the delivering of our first-class services. For this reason we continuously strive to provide our clients with the state-of-the-art scientific and technology breakthroughs: our team of MDs and paramedics remain ahead of the latest trends in health care, continually evaluating new technologies to help members diagnose unbalances and turn back the clock on aging, delivering the most advanced diagnostics and vetted therapeutics to those who seek a longer, healthier and more vital life. We do this by making use of the most advanced artificial intelligence technologies available in order to enable a smooth and seamless member experience, personalising the care in a precision way.

The same effort is given also to  locations: following famous architect Gio Ponti approach, we believe a patient should feel at ease when entering our premises, not being affected by a too much-hospital feeling, which is generally perceived with discomfort and unease. In a Body-Mind-Soul approach the psychological effect is important and this is why we call our locations Clubs: nice, easy and pleasant environments, some with lavish gardens and all with stylish custom-made forniture, with wide space for socialisation.

Medical Accountability

Thanks to a multidisciplinary Scientific Committee and close collaboration with various national and international Research Institutes AgeLab - The Precision Medicine Club is at the forefront of research for the development of new therapies and analysis algorithms and is constantly committed to providing therapies and services for the well-being of the contemporary individual.


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Damiano Galimberti

HealthSpan and Longevity Expert
Chairman of Scientific Committee

Dr. Damiano Galimberti is a dietician and nutritionist doctor, specialist in food science and contract professor in Nutrigenomics.

 Founder and president of the Italian Anti-Aging Association (Amia) the main Italian non -profit reality that deals with research and dissemination in the field of prevention and aging. Author of many publications on the subject of Healthspan and Longevity, and an expert in Regenerative Medicine, he is also a member of numerous Italian and international scientific societies and has often been called to chair, direct or coordinate scientific committees of various congress events both in Italy and abroad as well as schools and masters of Healthy-Aging Medicine. He is widely considered The Authority on Longevity in the Italian Scientific Scenario

Andrea Formiga

Health Director Scientific Committee member

Surgeon specialist in General Surgery, Milanese by birth and training (University of Milan). 

Raised at the school of Prof. Carlo Rebuffat, thoraco-abdominal surgeon, the highest expert in Italy for minimally invasive approaches to thoracic and abdominal pathologies, since 2008 he has performed over 500 placements/removals of intragastric balloons, 24 placements/removal of Endobarrier systems, 40 primary gastric revisions/plications using the Apollo Overstitch system, thus creating the first Italian center for the treatment of obesity with minimally invasive endoscopic techniques. The desire to interact with international colleagues led him to be a member of the International Advisory Board for Apollo Endosurgery. Until December 2018, he was Head of the General Surgery Division of the Zucchi Clinical Institutes of Monza – San Donato Group – within which he coordinated the Interdisciplinary Center for Bariatria and Obesity (CIBO)


Stefano Tirelli

Scientific Committee member

Stefano Tirelli is a professor of the F.I.G.C Master in Athletic Training at the Catholic University of Milan. 

For years he has been a radio-television commentator (Rai, Rai Sport, SKY, RADIO24, Radio Sportiva) for the issues of Mental Training and Complementary Sport Techniques. After a formative experience at the forefront in the field of physiotherapy and athletic training at the highest sports levels he deepens techniques and studies and obtained studies and diplomas in Chinese and Vietnamese Medicine, Shiatsu and Moxa at National and International Institutes including the Institute of Traditional Medicine of Ho Chi Minh in Vietnam. Graduated in Exercise and Sport Sciences at the Catholic University in 2002 and with a Master in Sport Psychology, he is the creator of the TCS® method (Complementary Sport Techniques), of which he has been teaching at the Catholic University of Milan since 2005. He trained international athletes and teams, collecting significant results: Asian Champions League won with Al Ain (United Arab Emirates); Gulf Cup won with the national team of the United Arab Emirates; Qualification and World Cup South Africa 2010. Since 2006 he starts collaborating with athletes and Premier League teams, in particular Chelsea and Portsmouth. 


Kristen Grove

Scientific Committee Member Head of Soul and Energy Research

Kristen Grove is a “Consciousness Manager,” “Energy Healer,” and “Guide” that helps people overcome states of anxiety, melancholy or lack of lucidity. 

It offers structured courses that aim to help people connect with their superior self, expand their awareness and become the freer and conscious version of oneself. His customers include corporate leaders, musicians and entertainers who wish to bring well -being to their private life and extend it to social and corporate systems.

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Ricardo Moro

Scientific Committee Member Head of Advanced Aesthetics

Chirurgo Plastico

Con tre lauree in medicina e una quarta in psicologia.
Laureato e specializzato in brasile, scuola Pitanguy, Poi in America ed Italia.

Basato oggi a Roma, presso il Paideia International Hospital, Ricardo ha
Studio a São Paulo brasile e Los Angeles, dove ha lavorato per 10 anni curando l’immagine di diversi membri dello star system di Hollywood.
Oltre alla chirurgia plastica da 20 anni si dedica al “anti age”
E con le due università (USA e Brasile) dove ricopre il ruolo di assistente professore, studiando le zone di ipotrofia del grasso, muscolo e ossea con altri colleghi brasiliani ha creato la tecnica di volumizzazione del viso con acido ialuronico chiamata Full Face.


England Hila

Head of Ozonetherapy

Dr England Hila holds a specialization in Anesthesia and Resuscitation and  Masters’ Degrees in Ozonotherapy and in Aerospace Medicine. 

She has gained an extensive experience in a number of Hospitals in Italy and Switzerland, where she has concentrated her research and interventions in Liver Transplant Centers, Pediatric Intensive Care, Orthopedic Surgery, and Reconstructive Plastic Surgery. In Agelab dr Hila is in charge of systemic ozone therapies (GAE) for our patients.

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Federica Pulcini

Scientific Committee member

Dr Federica Pulcini has a degree in Medicine and Surgery, specialized in Pathological Anatomy, with a Master in Acupuncture and Phytotherapy, Federal Doctor and Sports Nutrition.

 In 2016 she started studying systemic and localized cryotherapy in the field of prevention, in support of rehabilitative therapeutic pathways, in chronic inflammatory diseases, obesity, integrated medicine and anti aging. Since 2019 she has introduced Cryotherapy in her clinical practice and works in a multidisciplinary team that offers personalized paths for patients. She is the Scientific Director of CRYOSCIENCE ITALIA for which she has designed and developed the medical protocols for the use of Systemic cryotherapy (-110C ° -130 ° C) in sport and chronic inflammatory diseases, working with professional athletes in football, rugby, tennis, formula 1, beach volleyball, boxing.  Extensive is her research activity, with publications on lung, pancreatic, trigeminal nerve and lymph node cancer.


Stefania Finollo

Advanced Aesthetics



Dilbag Happy

Head of Paramedical Team



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