Thanks to the Data Driven approach, the therapies proposed by AgeLab
- The Precision Medicine Club are personalized.



You are what you eat: a fundamental part of our interacting with the environment is represented by what we eat and drink: therefore the epiegenetic mapping 

generates a detailed report on which our experts can give a detailed plan, suggesting which vitamins, mineral salts, amino acids, fatty acids, antioxidants are in a position of imbalance with respect to an optimal situation. Should our clients need a more specific approach such as in cases of sport, weight loss, purification – we have the right approach.

Active Life consultancy

Exercising can take many forms, from HIIT to swimming, jogging practicing a sport or simply walking in the woods in contact with Nature. Any activity is a natural booster of 

antioxidants, NAD+ and generally benefits our healthspan. Our experts can suggest you how to integrate your lifestyle with the proper activity, leaving you to perform it in your preferred way.  AgeLab is here to help you find your way

Cryo Therapy

Whole body exposure to cryogenically cooled air promotes cell regeneration and quick recovery. Cryotherapy stimulates blood circulation, releases advanced levels of

endorphins and increases the supply of oxygen and nutrients to areas of the body that need to be revitalised. The Cryo Therapy of AgeLab is carried out through Cryo Artic ™ technology, the most advanced and the safest used and the only effective according to the Minister of Health, being able to reach temperatures unattainable with electric cryo or cryo saunas.

Peptide Therapy

Peptides are short-chain amino acids that act as messenger signals in the body that improve cellular function. There’s practically a peptide for every health focus you may have: energy.. 

immunity, muscle recovery, and so much more. Peptides may support the cells involved in metabolic function, repairing tissue, hormone production, and more.

Red Light Therapy

Activate ATP (energy within body tissues), stimulate white blood cells to repair damaged tissues, and increase collagen production. This light also triggers the release of endorphins.. 

which provide relief for chronic and acute pain.  After a 30-minute treatment, blood flow is enhanced, which is great for both chronic and acute pain.

Hormon Therapy

Hormone therapy is not a one-size-fits-all prescription. but rather a personalized approach crafted by our team. We’re here to help you restore and balance your hormone 

levels, so you can experience better energy, improved sleep, effortless weight maintenance, and enhanced longevity.


If the body’s oxygenation is weak (due to lack of physical exercise or due to environmental pollution, poor nutrition, insufficient breathing or worse, for the practice of smoking) the 

elimination of toxins is not efficient enough. Ozone, powerfully stimulates the reactivation of the body’s antioxidant enzymatic defensive systems. Ozone disinfects, sanitises, strengthens diseased or oxygen-deficient tissues and delivers a powerful stimulus to the immune system. This results in a very powerful Anti-ageing action and in an important prevention of neurodegenerative diseases (such as Alzheimer’s disease and Parkinson’s disease).

IV Therapy

AbFab Infusions intravenous therapy is the fastest way to give your body the nutrition it needs. The process allows vitamins and other substances to enter the bloodstream directly.. 

bypassing the digestive process, to give you faster and more effective results. the infusions of AgeLab – The Precision Medicine Club are your best ally to always be at the top. Thanks to our partnership we can offer the purest NAD+ Miracle Molecule along with signature IVs designed to precisely address various lifestyle issues. Click here for a detailed description of our signature IVs

Advanced Aesthetics

Rather than being only a “Look Young issue” the psychological impact that Aesthetic has on the Individual Epigenetic signature – and therefore on our healthspan – is significant..

Thanks to our team of Advanced Aesthetics experts we can provide all intervention, from vitamin to hyaluronic acid, from botox to Lady Longevity to lifting. Click here for our Advance Aesthetic packages



Meditation may significantly reduce stress, anxiety, depression, and pain and enhance peace, perception self-concept, and well-being. Research is ongoing to better 

understand the effects of meditation on health (psychological, neurological, and cardiovascular) and other areas. Our Floating Pod provides a unique sensory privation mode: in this state, the brain releases large amounts of endorphins. The brain gradually shifts from its usual waking beta state to generate deep alpha, theta, or even delta waves, the state of mind that Buddhist monks seek to achieve through hours of meditation and years of training.


Earthing or Grounding is a practice of direct skin contact with the surface of the Earth — think going barefoot on the grass, in the sand, or any situation that has your feet touching the earth. 

Connecting to the ground in this manner helps you absorb electrons from the surface of the earth, which may stabilize your body’s own bioelectrical circuits and lead to various health benefits. Research shows that grounding can improve inflammation and free radical damage and reduce pain. AgeLab’s exclusive garden is waiting for you, for a refreshing pause in the city frenzy.

Sleep Therapy (Floating Pod)

Fully resting your body in a stress-free and weightless environment is a wonderful way to recover from daily grind. We are all “active” for much longer than we have in the past, both 

online and at work. Burnout is possible. Floating reduces the levels of stress, cortisol, ACTH and lactic acid. It also increases the natural production of dopamine (the hormone of happiness) and other endorphins, allowing both the brain and the body to restore their natural energy. Thirty minutes of Pod Therapy equals approximately 3 hours of deep sleep in your bed.

DreamScapes (Floating Pod)

Developed by Dream Water Research Labs specifically to enrich the floating experience, DreamScapes are like “landscapes for the mind”. They are guided meditative paths.. 

using sounds, music and light stimulation: first of all they relax the conscious mind, then gently transport it to a deep learning area in the subconscious where it is possible to alter behaviour, improve performance and alleviate physical conditions in a very more effective than simply floating.


Quantum Healing and Conciousness

The Phoenix Reset Program aims to rebalance the energetic resonances to restore harmony between the different components of true health. The Phoenix Reset consists of 5 weeks

of private energy sessions (one per week) combined with AgeLab’s body&mind therapies with the aim of guiding you to connect with your deepest self, harness and activate your innate creativity and expand your consciousness.

click here to know more

Frequency Therapy

The human body is a natural resonator for sound. Research shows that different frequencies can stimulate the body’s healing processes. For example, certain frequencies..

are believed to stimulate the production of nitric oxide, a molecule that plays a crucial role in our body’s cardiovascular and immune systems. Moreover, sound healing can influence our brainwaves, leading to shifts in our state of consciousness. Thanks to its Floating Pod DreamScapes programme, AgeLab has developed specific frequencies sounds to address  different issues of your wellbeing.


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